Club News


Tomorrow night (Saturday) @ around 6-30pm Kay & I and some others are going to the Greyhounds.  – A big meal is part of the deal and some special seating
Cost is $45 per person but we only have 2 spare tickets left.

First to contact me can purchase the seats -A great night is promised


Saturday 16th  -Saturday squad – 6 coaches -11am to 1-30pm – $12 pp
Casual hitting 1-30pm to 6pm
SUNDAY  17th -Club Open 1 pm to 6-30pm
MONDAY  -Morning coaching with Bruce Carter -10am to 12noon  -$5pp
Club open 6pm to 10pm
TUESDAY 19th – KEENAGERS (Social for the over 50’s) 9-30am to 12-30pm
Evening 6-30 to 10pm -ROUND 3 CHRISTMAS COMP
WEDNESDAY 20th – WEDNESDAY CHRISTMAS COMP  rd 3 -6-30pm to 10pm
COACHING WITH EMIL – 6-30pm to 8pm -$8pp
THURSDAY 21st – CLUB OPEN CASUAL PLAY (no juniors) 6-30pm to 10pm
EVENING – COURTS OPEN 6-30pm to 10pm
SATURDAY 23rd. SATURDAY SQUAD – 11am to 1-30pm (Trent and Matteusz from Poland will be training on court 2)
1-30pm to 4pm -Casual play

P A C K  D  O W N  C O U R T S   -4pm  -Many hands required ! 

CLUB RE OPEN   – Thursday  -4th January – @ 6pm (courts have to be set up first) 

SATURDAY SQUAD /Monday coaching

Saturday squad is on this week AND NEXT  (23rd Dec)

Matteusz from Poland is our special guest  on the 23rd. He will be training on court 2 all session so it will be wonderful for us all to witness a top level player in action ! -Lets hope he joins in the Doubles at the end. And his practice partner for the session ? TRENT .

Monday coaching is on again this coming Monday. – the final Monday for the year 10am to 12noon and only $5


A long year for the Juniors who have been coached wonderfully by the team led by Ivo Persic. Bob Watters + Keith keane were again involved. Maybe it is 50 years now ? we had Toby Zeevaarder, Hayden Choi Mark Scruffy and Zach Anstey. Earn Chew helped out from time to time and Duncan helped out in the canteen and sometimes on the courts. Vicki had the canteen under control.

So the final thursday night for the year and the group resumes in February.

Thanks to everyone who contributed + see you all again next February.

8 Year old SAM does a BE PHU !

We remember the Club Championships when Be Phu Huynh helped us and put out the boards onto the courts.  -Except for court 6 . All he could find was the number 15 every where . Last night young Sam was sent to room 10 for a hit but he came back saying that he could not find court # 18. Don’t worry mate  court 18 might happen but not for at least 3 years.


The Commonwealth Games trial being on the Gold Coast  on the 10th of January.
Trent has been selected as the #5 player into the Qualifying main draw – 1- is Hemming Hu # 2 Chris Yan – David Powell + Kane Townsend are  3 + 4 + Wade Townsend # 6

2 more players will join this group after Knock Out tournament the day before.

Trent is coming to Melbourne over Christmas  -and will be helping re wax the floors at Coburg  BUT  he will also be training hard while here. Joining him will be a player from Poland. – Their first training session will be during the Saturday squad on the 23rd  of December .

I will put updates on this web site when they will be training. Well worth the visit if you are in the area – We will ask John G / lim to put some of the training on the clubs Web site and Face book page


Tough night ahead for the Wednesday night players in the Christmas competition. ut all the fans will be on full blast as we try to make it a little more comfortable for players and spectators

Next Wednesday is the final round for 2017 with round 4 being held on Wednesday the 10th of January.

EMILs coaching at 6-30pm is still on this week and next wednesday @ 8 per person


We paid our respects for Bill Sibbison a Club champion & Club Legend . A wonderful Eulogy from his son Trevor and we discovered that Bill was also a top notch Cricketer + a Lawn Bowler,.
Our club was mentioned and we thank Jim kilderry and Cathy Thorpe for representing the Coburg table tennis club members.


In Section 1 we had a little preview of how JIm will go in Section 2 in Summer comp starting in February.  Stephen R got smashed ! While John G showed improvement and it took Craig 5 sets to wear him down. Belinda Ai started the season well with a win over Abdul, + the Boomerang himself (returned after a long absence) Mr 15 created havoc with the Back hand from hell !

Section 2 and An # 2 (Aoun) announced his arrival. Add in Danny Ly & Steve H and this is one mean team. Chung also impressive on debut. The Watto’s will be hot on their heels after ‘the trade deal’ as they recruited Go get ’em Glenn. Mohammad, Dib + David all showed flashes of brilliance during round 1

Section 3 and who was the goose ?  who declared Ayman Ahmed + Yousef will finish last. The young guns blasted their way to victory against a team that boasted Martin Elliget.

While the return of the Doc with the help of ‘the Dame had a great match against  more of the clubs developing juniors in Toby & Raymond + the ageless Derek.

Cant wait for more top action tonight -Round 1 of Wednesday night Christmas comp tonight.