Many thanks to Alois who has passed on many of his late mothers (Prisca) things

So come to the club tonight and you will have the chance to own some special tee shirts or shorts. We are also giving away some back packs in mint condition.

What Is left over will be offered to the Keenagers on Friday, which will see them flock like Seagulls at the things we are giving away.


Dillon Chambers has now taken over as number 1 seed for the Club Championships- Eric Huang-Zac Anstey -Kouros  + Brian Berry are some of the other notable entries.

The playing order for the Super Match  is done by when you enter so the earlier you enter a better spot you gain in the Super Match .


Ever popular John Mac was engaged last week. He will be getting married next Month, having an early Honey moon in Fiji next week , then working on logistics as he will mainly be living in Perth.


Nominations being accepted for our Coburg  players ?

Most luggage ? Mark Pengilley rocked up for an hours hit with a back pack and large bag- Claims he had a change of clothes including undies !  but who carries 2 bags into a centre for an hours hit ? Akie also arrives overloaded.

Noisiest ? Sheppo ? Patrick ?John Alder ? Liao is the early favorite

Slowest to get onto court ? Trevor Wilson ?  or Scruffy ? who took 20 minutes from the time he arrived today  before he hit his first ball.

Late to matches ? Marilyn wins hands down- She does have form in being late. She once was late to meet her sister Janet at a Bus stop- 3 hours late in fact.

Late to arrive for a hit ? Lory,Louisa or Mark Finalyson ?

Send us your nominations  -make your own category ? Most sour straps in one day eaten – ? Earn Chew  Most Nic Names- ? Brian BB Berry ! Tallest player at Club ? Steven G who stands @ eleventy eight feet !  Most nets/ edges ? Abdul   Changes rubbers the most ? Davis   + finally MOST POPULAR ? Martin Slingo 

WEEKEND WRAP -Trent in big event +Watson the Winner

Liao was accompanied to the club last night. Our ‘pin up man’ is doing it tough and has a  ‘plunger’ hanging out of his leg as we suspect to drain a bad infection.
Get well quickly  old mate from everyone at Coburg ttc.

Trent is playing in the Invitational Mounties Tournament in Sydney.  With players from China, Philippines, Dubai, England ( the high ranked Baguley ) + top ranked Australians including Hemming Hu and Chris Yan, this is a quality fields chasing the $5000 up for the winner. In the Round Robin Trent has continued his good recent form + defeated a member of the Shanghai University team + won his group  to be now in on the round of 16.

Paul Watson  the Winner of the Handicap even though he started off scratch. Had losses on the way to Dib Mohammad and Brian Zammit but did enough to make it to the 1/4 finals. From there it was easy sailing  as he defeated Dib in the final. -then donated the $50 prize money on offer back to the club.

Saturday coaching – No Brian as the Vic vets is on but our latest level 1` coach Leanne is ready to fill those big shoes ! Also coaching today are Craig Duncan Earn + Emil
+  still only $12 from 11am to 1-30pm.


If you want a game of Table Tennis ? , now might be the time !
It seems our members wont come out in the cold, during this period when we are saying to council that the club is packed to the rafters.
Keenagers- today is the lowest we have had in years with less than 30 in the hall
We have been open every afternoon this week due to school holidays but with little response.
Week nights ?  Last week the Handicap had record numbers but come 8-30pm hardly anyone was in the hall

Last night Rafiq asked ‘ where is everyone as he feels he has not had a decent hit with many members for the past 3 weeks. 

Lets hope we see a few more members over this coming weekend


We know our players lose their memories when they enter the club. All they remember is who they beat or an edge against them 3 weeks ago at 7 all in the 5th etc etc, but they forget their losses quickly and more importantly forget about the things they leave behind.

Bats- I have 10 still uncollected- Drink bottles -we could build a house with the number left behind – towels, clothes shoes-the list goes on

Enter Edis a Keenager-  He came in with a bat, it was his new one as he had lost his old bat. Lim handed him his old bat that had been left laying around so Edis went to put it away then he realised he had now lost his new bat.  So his search started. An hour later he found his new bat  & went to put the old one he had been using away but now he had lost his bat cover.
His cover was found and all the while Tony Bell  was hiding his face. Last Tuesday he not only left his bat cover behind which we found, it contained an old bat. Later on we found his new bat so what did Tony use in Diamond Valley comp this week ?  A bat missing half a handle !


Every day for the past 2 weeks Mark F walks past the display sign on the corner of Mewlands & Murray rds. and all he finds in Taxi Tom’s mug shot -teeth and all. that was until today. And mark was smiling like a Cheshire Cat  . A new sign has been erected and the clubs Super stars are on show MAGGIE- LIAO  & the face of Coburg smack in the middle,  MARK.