Gaffney st -Sydney road to Carr st (corner of old Jail) will be closed most of Saturday and Sunday .

If you are heading north along Sydney rd or from the West come to the club via the old Pentridge jail -O’Hea st. If heading towards the city turn at the Motel before Gaffney st (Carr street)

Saturday squad will commence at 11am so maybe leave home a little earlier to allow for traffic disruptions


On his 13th attempt Trevor Wilson is the proud owner of a Car Licence.

Never has a roar so loud been heard at our Keenagers group when it was announced that Trevor finally passed the test.
Then he was mobbed like a Rock Star as everyone wanted to congratulate him


After a long absence through illness we are proud to announce that Liao will be one of the coaches this week at Saturday coaching – He is highly regarded as a fine technician and was outstanding last time he joined our coaching ranks
Also coaching  the Saturday squad this week is Luke Blythman who coached here a few years ago and was well liked by all. We will also have Earn the Train controlling the team., Maggie the Magnificent & the Duke of Bulgaria. our court 1 specialist.

11am to 1-30pm & only $12 pp..


Luke Blythman and I will be representing Coburg at a 24 hour Ping pong a thon in Essendon, this coming Saturday. We will leave the club around 2-30pm and be back b y 4-30pm. We will be doing a demonstration then having a hit and talks with the people involved with this fund raiser for charity.

Talk to me if you would like to be involved

Bairnsdale & District Table Tennis Association / KeenAgers Tournament Weekend

Bairnsdale & District Table Tennis Association / KeenAgers is once again holding our annual tournament weekend: the East Gippsland KeenAgers’ Table Tennis Event will be held on Saturday November 18th; the East Gippsland Table Tennis Tournament will be held on Sunday November 19th. Both events are held at the Bairnsdale Squash and Table Tennis Centre, 64 Great Alpine Road, Bairnsdale, Vic 3875.

All details are on the attached entry forms.

We would be delighted to see you and your club members come along to be part of the friendly atmosphere and our enjoyable weekend of table tennis.

all the best,
Richard Cotton
Secretary, BDTTA/KA



What do we do to improve things with regards to results ?
Yesteryear SQUASH ? if score sheet is in correct  HOME TEAM LOOSES !
Why should Zach -Peter + I always be correcting your errors ?

Ex LAST NIGHT -Chris Lim + Frank’s team win according to the sheet ! Yet it also shows  2 wins Stephen + 1 win to David (who played played as player A on both parts of the score sheet) yet I find out he was B

Yilch + Umut — it was even written on the score sheet about Umuts fine effort winning both singles. -Not bad except Umut is in Turkey until next Tuesday night + Mark Finlayson  filled in and as a regular on the competition scene every win counts for him for ratings central.  HOW WOULD ZACH + PETER  know he played ?

Ray filled in – Frank filled in – Norman filled in Sieng filled in -+ Derek filled in  -NONE OF THESE NAMES HAD SURNAMES ! –If ZACH  says from now I am not entering names in rating central if they dont have their surnames on the score sheet i for one WILL FULLY SUPPORT HIM 

The list goes on every week -so either things improve or we have to take measures.

If things dont improve this season  -PENALTIES WILL BE APPLIED NEXT YEAR


PING PONG A THON – Saturday 14th October

A Charity event we at Coburg like to assist at  is on again on the weekend of the 13/14/15 at the Essendon Baptist Church in Buckley street.
This year, on Saturday the 14th of October I will be going there for an hour talking about Table Tennis in general, giving support to the people who are playing , give a few coaching tips + we will put on a display.
Hopefully some of our players will join me. We will leave the club around 2-30pm on the Saturday + be back at the club  by 4-30pm


Wednesday night 6-30pm to 8pm-coaching with Emil  $8 per person
Saturday squad -11am to 1-30pm- $12 per person. =Coaches this Saturday include Earn Chew the Train -Maggie Meng -Man of Steel Emil & Craig 

Monday mornings -Coaching from 10am to 12noon & only $5 per person


The final HANDICAP EVENT FOR THE YEAR -7pm start & only $5 to enter -Non stop matches for over an hour and everyone is invited to participate.

FABULOUS FRIDAY -Opening times

Casual hitting for members + General public commences at 4pm today + runs until 7pm. A HANDICAP event  will be held from 7 pm to 8-15 (open to anyone cost is $5 pp )  THEN  the club will remain open until 10pm.

This afternoon is the final day of the end of term 3 training camp. It runs from 12-30pm to 4pm _ the cost is $25 per person & it is open to anyone to come and join in