Pennant News


Who else would have noticed ? -the Bill board which served us so well  -even attracted some visitors yesterday to watch the Club champs- has been taken down.

The face of Coburg -Mark F marched into the club today and announced that the Bill board had been removed before he got a chance to re locate it to his house !


CLUB CHAMPS  -Who was first to arrive ? + an hour early ? Stretch Chilcott who got the times mixed up. Still that’s better than David G who rocked up one day early + who thought that the event might be late finishing as they thought it was a 9pm start time

Kouros came across a problem he had never encountered before. An obstruction on the court. A possum. Sanjay came running form the court reminding the manager it was his duty to ‘save the members’  from being attacked by the vicious animal. But it was too late- as G I Jess ‘Dundee Diep’  had already got the creature in an arm lock and was evicting it from the stadium.

Was this cheating ?  Brian B takes a big wind to loop while playing Abdul. Abdul stands tall waiting for the ferocious loop to head over on to his half of the table. Instead it was a gentle slow loop which forced the error.

Paul Fitzy celebrated his return to Show court 2 against 10 year old Ahmed by serving 2 faults in a row followed by an unforced chopping error.

END OF THE DAY   -Carnage everywhere  in the spectator area .
1 x towel- 6 jumpers- a bat cover- 2 bat cleaners- rubber protectors – bag of snacks- a trophy -all left behind. And we had not even checked the courts !

Quote of the day- Brian Berry when looking at the draw  noticed he had drawn Toby then Raymond. Quite good for him at this stages of their career.  But the smile went when he discovered it was Toby jnr and Raymond Zhang !



ERIC HUANG -3 times Coburg Club Champion

Eric Huang won his 3rd Coburg Club Champion title, by defeating Craig Carter in a hard fought battle in the final. Craig defeated Dillon Chambers in the Semis + Eric defeated Raymonde Zhang who earlier had defeated Brain Berry.

Player of the Tournament was Rocky Chen .

The Open Doubles winners were Brian B & Craig -Catisia Lim is the Ladies Champion. Zach Anstey won the Super Match.  Michael Huang won the A singles- Abdul B singles- Rocky CHen C grade- Toby Zeevaarder D grade.. Kouros Zirak + Michael Huang won the Special Doubles. +Steve Htet won the Consolation event.

Shot of the day was done by Zach Anstey -after being pushed wide. play a soft shot under the net post which then rolled along the table.

A close 2nd to Steve Htet who jumped sidewards to return a wide ball, threw his bat into his left hand to make the shot, Swapped hands to block a fast ball, to finally win the point by hitting the edge of the table.

Rocky scored 15 points in a row in the Shoot Out in his group while Craig won 14 in a row.



Good luck to our 70 + competitors at the 2017 Coburg Club Championships

In the Open -Dillon Chambers  is the number 1 seed – Eric # 2 -Craig  # 3 + Brian Berry # 4

Catisia Lim is the # 1 seed in the Ladies

ROUND ROBIN MATCHES   -best of 3 sets start @ 9am


Dreadies John is now MacMullet as the Dread Locks are gone in preparation for his fore coming Wedding.

The face of Coburg, the star in the picture flanking Liao & Maggie is now discussing the possibility of having the sign erected in his front yard and having signature signings once a day !
And hasn’t Mark AkA Scruffy come out of his shell recently ! -Even seen giving coaching instructions and even telling his coach to get down low !


Craig dominated at Yarrawonga winning his 5th open singles title. But the road was bumpy as he lost to Phil Websdale in the Round Robin but 2 players made it to the main draw.
& in the Mens Final he was down 2 games to 1 in the final + behind in the 4th. against a player who had defeated him earlier in the A grade final . -To complete his weekend he also won the Over 30s singles.title

On Sunday, Brian Berry won 5 out of 5 events at the Shepparton Veterans tournament .

In other news Trent is back in the World rankings as our 4th Highest ranked Australian player at 391. This comes on the back of good results in 3 recent tournaments in New South Wales & Queensland.

Trent now is importing a new range of Table Tennis gear / equipment. The shirts, the same as he now wears in tournaments will retail @ $45  and come in varied sizes and colours. They wilt be at Coburg in about 4 weeks time as will his up market Table tennis bat covers.


The Club Championships will be completed by Friday night.
On Saturday I need some helpers to join Jim and I as we check to make sure the draw is compete and no ma,es have been left out
12 NOON SATURDAY  -if you have an hour or 2 spare come and give us a hand. 

I can announce the top 4 Seeds in the Open are- DILLON CHAMBERS – ERIC HUANG – CRAIG CARTER- BRIAN BERRY


Lets compare our club to Aussie rules. – We are not the AFL  but our comp is strong and healthy and good standard — Maybe the VFL ? – So what would happen at a VFL match as teams are warming up .. Would some one with a new footy  be allowed to run onto the ground and ask a player to kick their footy to see if it flies nicely ? Or a cricket match ? run out to the pitch while players are warming up so that you can give you new Cricket ball a test run ?

Last night  – as players were warming up , we had a visitor purchasing a new bat and needed to try out his new rubber. ZACH  offered to help and straight onto court 1 they went where Edward (a former State junior) + Kouros former # 10 in Iran were about to play. No problems says Kouros  + he let the 2 guys interrupt his warm up.

The club needs these sales to survive and the rubber did not suit our potential customer – so a new rubber and this time it  was Jim who got interrupted – and still the rubber was not suitable so another change and this time it was the Train who had to stop at the station and wait !  -The sale was made matches continued and we had one very happy customer -THANKS GUYS
Pennant wins !  – who is guilty here ?  – Lose both matches and disappear without  being seen ! or worse still – remind the Manager of how well they are playing but so unlucky in continuing the trend of losing matches ! 

But win a match and oh ! boy — make sure the wins are noted !  Make sure who ever is behind the counter and within ear shot knows you won! …And wasn’t there a line up last night !    I have not read a single score sheet yet I know – ABDUL – PATTO – DAVE K – JIM – THE VICE PRES – TRAIN – ROCKY – SHEPPO  all won matches ! – Was even followed into the car park to be told by Clinton S that he had won both matches !  I now know it is the first time he has won 2 in sec 2 on the same night !

It’s all good and I am not complaining – I do like to know what is going on but the FUNNIEST  thing was after being lined up and told who won, maybe one of our Stars did not have such a good night.  As he departed from the club John G called out ‘ Bruce … do you need your car washed ? ‘

Check out the “car wash” or should that be “white wash”, or maybe even “demolition”  here ….





After announcing a few weeks back that she was ‘up for a hit’  in marches Pam Conway into the club tonight. Her form was good and we now find out she is eligible to play in the over 30’s .
Who stole the years ?