Trent Carter

Name: Trent Carter
Playing since: 8 years old
Currently playing at: Macquarie University
Are you currently in the Australian Squad: Yes, I was re introduced from January 2017
How many players are in the squad: Roughly 25 men from seniors, development and down to juniors and cadets.

When is your next tournament: Australian Top 10 in May. It will be held in Tweed heads
When is your next big tournament: Top 10 is quite a large tournament, then we build into the Australian Open and Australian closed before the Commonwealth Games trials in January 2018
Rating central: 2085±55
Playing hand: Right
Grip: Shake hand
Style: I am an attacking player with a large forehand, with a contrasting backhand consisting of short pimples
Blade: DHS TG 7
Rubber (FH): DHS Tin Arc 5
Rubber (BH): DHS Sharping
Red is: Backhand (currently)
Favourite player(s): I am not someone who loves watching table tennis but I do admire the way Ma Long plays. He is so technically correct and balanced. It is hard to find any weaknesses.
You recently took some time away from table tennis, why: I missed 3 large tournaments in a row by 1 spot over a 6 year period (2 Olympics and 1 Commonwealth Games). I lost my passion for the game and also found it hard balancing full time training with full time work. To play table tennis, we need to make many life sacrifices, therefore a break to concerntrate on my proffesional career was exactly what I needed.
Why did you come back to the game: After 3 years I finally missed playing. I decided to go and practice a few times to see if the feeling was real. I had motivation and wanted to try to make a Commonwealth Games Team and Olympic Team whilst I still can. I don’t want to live with any regrets.
How many hours do you practice a week: 10 hours. 5 x 2 hours sessions on table plus 3-4 gym sessions per week
Table tennis career highlight: 2007 Venezualan World Junior Circuit Champion
Goals for 2017: To finish the year in the top 6 players in order to automatically qualify for the Commonwealth Games Qualification tournament
Are you coming to play the 2017 Coburg Super League Event: Sure am!
One tip you would give to a club player to improve: Practice makes perfect. It’s not always about playing games at practice, it is important to do drills to improve your game.